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Charidimos (Harry) Demetriou Resume instills Exceptional Mettle


The world poker circuits cannot be mentioned without including the World Series of Poker Main Events. Players who participate in this platform are inclined to propel to international prominence, despite their nationality.

Rarely have Greek-Cypriots been robust in the casinos, however, one Charidimos (Harry) Demetriou has left nothing to chances to climb up the ladder leveraging on the leeway offered by the WSOP tournaments.

He has been actively involved in the WPT as well World’s Heads-Up tournaments where he has played with utmost acuity. Absolutely, one cannot dismiss his resume when considering profound achievers in the global poker games arenas. This is so as he has made various successes stretching from the WSOP to the World Poker Tour. Continue reading ‘Charidimos (Harry) Demetriou Resume instills Exceptional Mettlergb’

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Chris Ferguson Video clip Ranking: four / five

Chris Ferguson-Poker to have won 5 WSOP


The game is what you really wish to go on in order to feel better and also great whereby it can give you the peace of satisfaction on the other hand.

You need to be really choosey about the game whereby you can really turn successful in playing it so. There are number of games which you can play yet the game like Poker is what you should really input your skills to shine in the game. When you wish to play the game, you need to be really choosey about the pokers who are professionals too to handle the game rightly.

Chris Ferguson is the poker who has won the 5 number of bracelets whereby the poker was born in 1963. Poker is a player from the place of America. He has been recognised as the poker player of 2000 WSOP final table as well as the player of 2008 NBC Heads-up event. Poker is named with the nickname as Jesus, whereby she now does reside at California. The poker’s parents have also been possessing doctoral degree in the subject of Mathematics. Poker’s father also has been teaching the game theory too.

As Jesus:

The poker has been playing the game during the age 10. During his college days, the poker played the game poke and also turned specialising in the skills to handle it effectively. Poker has played the tournaments in the place California. It was by 1995, poker entered playing the game Poker in WSOP. Poker has been playing the game from his age 10, whereby it was in these years like 2 in 2000, 2001, and again 2 times in 2003. Also, this poker turns to be giving no signs at all thereby avoiding the characteristic motion, so that it can actually make himself gain the victory.

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Chris Ferguson Video clip Rating: 5 / 5

Gary Benson Scores give him a cutting edge in Australia


Australian poker players are widely known for their impeccable performance at the Asian Poker Tour, but yet some of them have played quite well at the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour. Participants who have managed to clinch a coveted accolade have kept the name of Australia shinning in the poker industry that has sparked online-based competition.

Gary Benson is one poker professional who boasts a WSOP bracelet under his bracelet. In addition to this outstanding performance at a tough challenge, he has other accomplishments that depict he is a global iconic poker specialist. A glance at his conspicuous accomplishments would shed light on his potency in the fiercely competitive poker industry.

At the foremost, he clinched the Australian’s Poker Champions, Adelaide in 1997 and was crowned the winner of the Australian National Championships. In 1996, he surprisingly made it to the World Series of Poker where he clinched a gold bracelet by outlasting a field of 247 entrants to shovel in $148,200. At the final table, Benson locked horns with Las Vegas pro Billy Cohen in a titanic heads-up battle that saw him win the game. Benson also boasts triple money finishes at the 2006, World Series of Poker. However, Benson hit the global limelight following his fete by the Australian Poker Hall of Fame as being among the most talented players in poker. With his array of winnings, he presents a formidable poker player at the international plane with winning capability.

In 2010, authoritative sources confirmed his total live tournaments earnings had plummeted to $775,000.  With his plethora winnings, one cannot deny the Australians have latent poker potential that they can present to the rest of the world and play as well as their American counterparts. If he participates in high-profile poker competitions, he has a winning inclination.