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Poker: more fun than ever


Playing poker is more fun than ever in these online poker websites that allow you to play poker for free. Yes they are free. This means that to play in these sites, there is no registration money required. Also if you want to play this game just to enjoy it and not spend any money on it, that is also possible now because these online poker websites allow you to play with no money at all. In this way neither you lose nor win any money but instead your skills of playing poker and your decision making skills based on your intuition improve to a large extent and make you a champion in this game.

Well it wouldn’t be technically correct completely to say that no money is involved in this game. Fake money is involved. This means that at the beginning, you get a fake amount of money or virtual money in your pool. Then by playing more and more, you can either win or lose more amount of this virtual money. Hence there is no real money involved but virtual money IS involved in such games.

Now poker playing has become legal in many states of the US and people can play them in a completely safe manner as well. With the introduction of these online poker websites, many friends can play this game even if they are geographically separated by a long distance as well. However the most important aspect of this online poker is that many wannabe WSOP (world series of poker) champion play these games to evolve new tricks and skills which they can use in the championships. However for the other sections of the people, poker will always remain as a method of gambling and a source of making quick and huge amount of money.

Bill Chen-Professional player possessing 2 bracelets proudly


There are numbers of games played across worldwide, isn’t it? Yet, only few games turn to be played with much of interest and also the game can never be a dull option to go on with. In such cases, one such game which is played in that manner throughout the world can be the Poker game, as the game turns to be the very favourite of every individuals, from the game’s inception, it’s nothing but the art of handling of the cards where lies the tricks. Professional players play the game in an interesting manner; among them Bill Chen can be a remarkable player from America. He is an American Poker professional; he is also a quantitative analyst. He is a software designer too.

Software designer:

He turned winning the bracelets in the year 2006, whereby it was numbered as 2, as he earned both the bracelets in the very same year too. They turn to be the events which are named as Short Handed No Limit Hold’em $2500, and the other is Limit Hold’em $3000. Born in the year 1970, he holds Ph. D. in Mathematics subject. He holds this degree from the University of California. Also, he turned out to be an undergraduate at Washington University where the major subjects include Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics. He has also written a Bibliography under the title The Mathematics of Poker.

By the year 2000, Bill Chen’s largest win happened at Bicycle Casino’s Legends of Poker, where it was around $41, 600 a no limit hold’ em event taking place before his win of bracelets. He turns out to be the member of Team Poker Stars and also he is a long time player who plays in newsgroup. He has totally made around 14 cash finishes so far. Bill Chen is thus a promising player making his victory knowable in air.

Best Poker Lesson with Phil Godon and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson 2

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Chris Ferguson- A brief look.


There are very familiar games present in this world. More games are present in this world, yet only few games turn much interesting to be played. One such familiar and interesting game include Poker, Poker players are much professionally turn present. Christopher Philip Ferguson is one such player who turns holding 5 bracelets. His money finishes include around 63. Christopher was born on April 11th 1963 in California. Christopher is an American professional Poker player. It’s much known that his parents turn to posses doctoral degrees. Ferguson attended UCLA whereby he earned his Ph. D in Computer Science in the year 1999 after 5 years as an undergraduate and 13 years as a graduate student.

Holds 5 bracelets proudly:
His interest is much of including the presidency of a swing dancing club at UCLA, and also he is notable for the ability to throw playing cards fast which cuts bananas, etc. he is much familiar for his winning of 5 bracelets, Ferguson is the only player to have won the World Series of Poker Circuit Events, for three events. The bracelets which he achieved turned out to have won in the years namely 2 each in 2001 and 2003 and 1 in 2001. He has won the 2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

Christopher started playing Poker from his age of 10. In 1995, he entered his very first World Series of Poker. In 2000 WSOP, he first defeated T. J. Cloutier and also acquired the very first bracelet. In 2005, National Heads-Up Poker Championship, he turned as a runner-up to Phil Hellmuth. In 2006, he again ended up in 2nd place to ted Forrest. He was nicknamed as Jesus, but he is a professed atheist. His style of playing is highly mathematical which others say. He handled the game with very professional techniques and his strong knowledge of game theory helped him much.

Full Tilt Poker – Chris Jesus Ferguson Cuts Fruit With Cards

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