Gary Benson Scores give him a cutting edge in Australia


Australian poker players are widely known for their impeccable performance at the Asian Poker Tour, but yet some of them have played quite well at the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour. Participants who have managed to clinch a coveted accolade have kept the name of Australia shinning in the poker industry that has sparked online-based competition.

Gary Benson is one poker professional who boasts a WSOP bracelet under his bracelet. In addition to this outstanding performance at a tough challenge, he has other accomplishments that depict he is a global iconic poker specialist. A glance at his conspicuous accomplishments would shed light on his potency in the fiercely competitive poker industry.

At the foremost, he clinched the Australian’s Poker Champions, Adelaide in 1997 and was crowned the winner of the Australian National Championships. In 1996, he surprisingly made it to the World Series of Poker where he clinched a gold bracelet by outlasting a field of 247 entrants to shovel in $148,200. At the final table, Benson locked horns with Las Vegas pro Billy Cohen in a titanic heads-up battle that saw him win the game. Benson also boasts triple money finishes at the 2006, World Series of Poker. However, Benson hit the global limelight following his fete by the Australian Poker Hall of Fame as being among the most talented players in poker. With his array of winnings, he presents a formidable poker player at the international plane with winning capability.

In 2010, authoritative sources confirmed his total live tournaments earnings had plummeted to $775,000.  With his plethora winnings, one cannot deny the Australians have latent poker potential that they can present to the rest of the world and play as well as their American counterparts. If he participates in high-profile poker competitions, he has a winning inclination.

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Byron Kaverman a player of great dynasty in Poker Games


The player who was born in the United States of America who likes to play poker for hours online as well. The player who is interested in playing WSOP World Series championship. He has this championship on his name. The most interesting fact he has about 46 cashes on his name. He has also won the amount of $3,077,005. A player who plays with full concentration and makes win into his pocket when he plays poker game.

Due to this tournament he was on the lips and talk of many players as well he had great fan followers. The turning point for Byron Kaverman was this world poker championship. He worked hard throughout his life to his passion and loved poker game. Due to his game he was famous and was spokesperson for online poker games and was also an ambassador for poker games. His contribution, hard work, dedication in the field of poker is really unforgettable and is high as the mountains. In 2011 he has won the world championship in the poker game. He has ranking of 123rd $52,141 Jul 5, 2014.

In Borgata poker cup he secured the 4 position in the poker game. He has lots of experience in playing poker games. His statistics in poker games are not constant. But he has played lots of poker games at international level. He also participated in European poker games. A player who likes to play poker for a long time without being triumphant or not. He has different techniques to wrap the game for the opposition. When he plays games try to make the competitors struggle almost times. The statistics of Bryon Are very much better as he makes a practice for poker. When he was about ranking he told he plays for passion and for cashes.

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Greg Raymer, a fossil man poker player


Greg Raymer is born on 25th July 1964 in North Dakota. He is a professional player of poker. He has completed his graduation in Biochemistry from Minnesota University. He worked for pharmaceutical company Pfizer for 6 years. Greg Raymer has nicknamed as “Fossilman”, because he uses fossil as a card protector during his playing. He won the WSOP Main event in 2004 and become very famous. He cashed first time in the WSOP Main event in 2001, where he won prizes of $1,500. He won prize cash prize of $5,000,000 by defeating David Williams. He cashed 18 times in the WSOP Main event and two times in World Poker Tour event.

In 2005, Raymer got 25th place and earned a cash prize of $304,680. In British poker event of 2005, Raymer got 3rd place and won prizes in £20,000. In 2007, he won bracelet in World Championship of Online Poker game, and he earned a cash prize of $168,362. In 2009, he got 3rd place in the WSOP Main event and won a cash prize of $774,927. He won the Heartland Poker Tour in 2012. Till 2014, his total of winning cash prizes becomes more than $7,400,000. He is a popular poker player. Most of his winning cash prizes are from WSOP events.

He opened the poker training school in 2011 named as ‘Fossil Man Poker Training’. He was a member of the ‘’ website, but now he is not a member of this largest online poker website since 2011. Currently, he is one of the members of director team of poker players alliance. In 2013, he was arrested by police against crime, against the nature act. His total of cash prizes won in the WSOP Main event becomes $6,487,512 and from that he won $5,000,000 in 2004. He had ranked as the number one player in the Global poker directory in this year. He became the first player who won $5,000,000 in just a single event. He is successful poker player of America.