18Jun 2017

Poker King Cup Macau (PKCM) Main Event is now at its final stage and after tough four days the event reached to the final round. The event had 490-strong players. And after four days, it reaches to the final two players, and the final two players are no other than Longyun Li of China and […]

29May 2017

A mean essay may get a standard mark, although a distinct, nicely researched and written essay may gain the higher marks out there. You need to be obvious concerning the intent behind your own composition, suppose you’re writing an essay which has amusing elements then your article should consist of comic components. They couldn’t simply […]

06Apr 2017

Chris Ferguson received crazy heat over the summer. After Ferguson return to the (WSOP) World Series of Poker and refused to share about the things that happened at Full Tilt Poker. He was called out by the Daniel Negreanu on the matter. So, the end of the series Chris became the top villain. However, the […]

23Feb 2017

An action timer has been implemented by the PokerStars for the first time in impromptu High Roller one-day $25K. The timer is called as “shot clock, and has been implemented in the championship going at the Bahamas. The timers implemented are simple, handheld devices; it is set for the time of 30-second. When a player […]