His original name is Bertrand groppellier but he has a nick name ekly.

His country of origin is London England is his residence. He was born on the 8th of February 1981. His birth place is melon, France. His present age is 34 years of age. He is such young player and he is also a very talented poker player. Before becoming a professional poker playing he was an online poker playing star. He has won many different achievements in the poker playing. In the year 2008 he was the player of the year in the poker playing tournaments. Because of his stylish look and fan following on the social networking sites in the year 2011 he was awarded as the poker personality of the year which was a good achievement and due to this his fan following also increased and he also improved his performance I the game he became more popular on face book and also on the twitter.

Not only this he was also the player of the year France these achievements helped him a lot and with these achievements’ he also had the point of winning the poker games and also helped in improving his winnings spirit. He has many followers on the twitter and he has a very unique views 197,768 these many people gave their unique views about this young player and his playing. In the France all time money list he ranks the first position. In the all time money list current ranks he ranks the 25th position.

In the all time money list best rank he ranks the 16th position. He ranks 90th position in the global poker index ranking. He has an outstanding rank in terms of popularity he ranks in the 4th position. In the pockets five online rankings he stands 212th position. As he was an online star he has a huge amount of online earnings of $1,646,459. On his best live game he has won the best live cash of $2,000,000 which is a very big amount these were his best live played game earnings.