05Aug 2013

During a live poker tournament in Australia, Viktor Blom has given an incredible performance this morning at high stakes poker website. He is competing with best online players to win the poker title this year. According to high stakes poker website, the victim was Ben Tollerene who burned of total $1.7 millions in a session […]

06Jun 2013

Chris Ferguson is one of the most popular and recognizable figure in the world of poker. In present era, his name is in the chart of great poker players. He is known in the world of poker by his nickname “Jesus” and his identity is that of, having the long hairs and black hat man. […]

24Apr 2013

Naoya Kihara has become the first Japanese poker player who has won the title of WSOP main event 2012. There is no doubt that Naoya Kihara is a wonderful player making his country proud. After his winning, he has just signed a sponsorship deal with popular poke website PokerStars.com and today he has become the […]

15Mar 2013

Chris Ferguson, commonly known as “Jesus” in the poker world due to his long black hair, has watched his career get derailed by the U.S for about three years in a row now. This has been as a result of a crackdown conducted by the government on internet poker games. In a case filled by […]

18Feb 2013

The Lucky Hearts Open tournament main event 2013 is continued at Day 3 in Florida. Out of 400 players, there are only 36 players left at the final table. Now 36 players will show their actions at Level 17. All players are competing against each other to win a big cash prize of $3 million. […]

12Feb 2013

The word, “pokies” is a slang term used in Australia when talking about slot machines. However,with many online pokies, some others do use the term especially if the games were designed targeting customers in Australia. The slot machine invention is credited to Charles Fey in 1899. However 8 years prior to this a poker machine […]