Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson was born on the 11th of April in the year 1963. He hails from Los Angeles, California. He is a professional poker player and one of the most eminent faces in the game. His parents were highly educated and he himself has a very high academic background. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from the UCLA and he specialized on virtual algorithms. It is a common observation that most successful poker players have had some mathematical background as it is very important in the game. He was introduced into the world of poker quite naturally as the game is quite popular in private clubs and even in weekend parties in the U.S. people generally unite over the weekend for a friendly game of poker but very few people have the necessary backing or the guts to take up the spot as a career.

Chris Ferguson came from a very supportive family and his family backed him to pursue his dreams. He started playing at the amateur level and then participated in inter club tournaments that are organized locally with small stakes. Later on he went to make it really big in the world stage. He has won a World Series which is an incredible feat and the amount of money involved in unfathomable. He has been an icon in the United States with his trademark Cowboy hat and his easy laidback style.

Chris Ferguson is a very popular figure and he is a very colorful personality but during a game he has learned to portray a stone face not letting out any expression of emotion. He has won many important tournaments in America and has also made some great finishes in many World Series ties.

He is famous for his control over the playing card and he is known to be an expert with the cards. He has practiced many tricks with the card and he can throw a playing card in such a way that is can split a banana into two at the blink of an eye. He has a great amount of showmanship behind his game and this makes him a very popular icon. Chris Ferguson has also been known to split a melon into two by using playing cards only.

He was involved in an ugly scam with an online website that he co-owned. He had allegedly set up a ponzi scheme and misled many people into investing money on an online website.