It has recently been decided that Discovery Communications’ Indian TV channel or DSPORT has attained all the rights regarding the broadcast of the second season of PSL or Poker Sports League, which is marked as the broadcast debut of the game in India where poker is hardly accepted as a game. It is rather considered as gambling, thus it is a big step that PSL has taken.

It is further decided that PSL will be broadcasted on various sports channels. Poker sports are already broadcasting on several sports channels from the year 1978 and now it is the turn for India to watch the broadcast of Poker league. This league will be a franchise based poker league.

The PSL team is fully dedicated to creating the friendly broadcast of the PSL for sports lovers especially across the subcontinent.

The excitement will be doubled because it is DSPORT for broadcasting the PSL for Poker lovers. Season one was already successful, but the season will be like an experiment for testing the potentiality of the players. This time it is will be a team sport rather than individual sport as happened in the season 1. PSL 2 wanted to increase the reach of the online platform for easily connecting with the poker fans. Those who are known about the game need to qualify via free online qualifiers as well as live qualifiers. It is a way to test the skills and which has already started from the last month and will happen till the month of March.

PSL is a great challenge in the country like India, where Poker is considered as a game of gambling more than a sport. The position of the game already undergone some change and rest will get changed when PSL will be broadcasted on national channel.