Chris Ferguson received crazy heat over the summer.

After Ferguson return to the (WSOP) World Series of Poker and refused to share about the things that happened at Full Tilt Poker. He was called out by the Daniel Negreanu on the matter. So, the end of the series Chris became the top villain.

However, the things have changed between Negreanu and Ferguson. When they meet on twitter they reacted this way, Negreanu twitted recently on his Twitter account about Ferguson, “Chris is at least not line Donald Trump, no matter what we think about him”. On the twit Ferguson replied “I voted for Hillary. Thanks Daniel”

After this course of twits, the twit #ForgiveChris started trending and soon the pair had a meeting in at Violette’s Vegan Organic Eatery and Juice Bar in Las Vegas. They talked for more than an hour and were spotted singing Kumbaya having arm in arm. The scene was touchy and made many to cry.

When Negreanu was contacted to get a view, the player said, “After having a talk with Chris, it became clear to me that he is misunderstood. I will not get into words that he said, but yes, I think he deserves another chance.” Talk about the Ferguson, then, according to reports, he is planning to return to full-time poker. Negreanu said he would Negreanu if he is wishing to do so.

Though, it is yet not clear as when Ferguson will join full time poker, but he may be seen in big tournaments soon, according to reports.

And it is not only Negreanu is excited for his comeback, even the fans of Ferguson want to see him soon playing poker in international tournaments. He is a great poker pro player and has a big fan base.